Alteration Projects

This area of the business focusses on altering and improving existing internal spaces to our clients premises.  In a number of instances this is done whilst the client remains within the building.  We offer a combination of phased working along with out of hours working to ensure any disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.

    Client required additional desk space and decided to remove an under utilised meeting room.  out of office hours to prevent any disruption to the clients business. All unwanted materials were immediately removed from site using our licensed waste carrier operators.  All finishes were made good, carpets replaced and the area was ready for work within 24 hours of the alterations commencing.
    Three large meeting rooms were stripped back.  Using new and salvaged partitioning components and glass we were able to create a number of new smaller offices to better utilise the space.  All works were carried out over weekends and evenings to minimise any disruption to the clients business.

FIT OUT Projects

We have many years experience in the fitting out of commercial buildings.  We are happy to provide a full fit out service or just certain elements.  Often working in partnership with either the clients' or building owners' specialist contractors.

    An open floor space allowed for the creation of a number of new offices with frameless glass fronts and plasterboard partitions to provide the corridor walls and division walls between the offices.  Timber veneered doors have been used within an aluminum frame to match the partitioning system.
A nice photo
A nice photo
      Client required a central meeting area within their office.  A single glazed frameless system was used with a banded manifest in a design to suit their privacy requirements.  At one end of the office a plasterboard partition was erected to allow a projector screen and whiteboard to be utilised.
    Complete Cat A fit out including the installation of a new metal suspended ceiling with plasterboard bulkheads, this project was completed ready for a new occupier to take possession.
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