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Office Refurbishment Mayfair

We at Interspace are leaders in innovative office refurbishment in Mayfair and know what’s required to create a functional, modern, and impressive working environment. We are a specialist provider to SME businesses throughout Mayfair for office refurbishment, alteration and fit outs of their premises. Whether you need to reconfigure or redesign your working environment, we will deliver.
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    What is office refurbishment?

    An office refurbishment can transform, elevate and revitalise any office space. You may have relocated, rebranded or expanded, often these kinds of changes mean that business owners look to office refurbishments to re-establish their company’s image. Whether your office needs a refresh or a
    complete overhaul, office refurbishment in Mayfair can:

    Reimagine an office space better suited to your requirements.
    Establish a functioning and appropriate environment.
    Elevate your brand identity by reflecting your company.
    Inspire your employees with a well-designed workspace.

    At Interspace, we provide cutting-edge solutions for office refurbishment in Mayfair along with complete office fit outs for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises).

    As one of the top office fit out companies in Mayfair, our cutting-edge solutions are designed to:

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    Design an office space suited to your requirements and business.

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    Establish a functioning and appropriate environment.

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    Elevate your brand identity by understanding your company.

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    Inspire your employees with a well-designed workspace.

    At Interspace, we provide CAT A, CAT A+, and CAT B fit out services along with office refurbishment projects for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises).

    What’s included in office refurbishment?

    An office refurbishment in Mayfair can be an exciting prospect for any business. As one of the leading office refurbishment companies, we can take you from conception to completion without the hassle of moving. Our end-to-end office refurbishment services include:

    Large and small office refurbishment in Mayfair.
    Installation of partitions.
    Integrated kitchens, toilets and breakout areas.
    Suspended ceilings.
    Interior design renovation.
    New furniture.
    Updates to windows, doors and other fixtures.
    And more!

    As leaders in office refurbishment in Mayfair, we have the solutions for office refurbishment and office fit out. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.

    Interspace | office fit out | suspended ceilings | office refurbishment
    Interspace | office fit out | suspended ceilings | office refurbishment

    Things to consider with office refurbishment… 

    When planning an office refurbishment in Mayfair, all aspects should work cohesively to represent your brand, maximise your environment, motivate staff and impress visitors. Here are some things to consider when planning an office refurbishment in Mayfair…

    Fixtures and Fittings

    Is office partitioning in the correct place?
    Is the current lighting adding to or taking away from the environment?
    Are your HVAC systems working efficiently?
    Do your windows, doors and other integral fixtures need replacing?
    Do you have appropriate workstations and storage?

    Floor Plan

    Does your current floor plan work for the business?
    Is everything, such as photocopiers etc, easily accessible?
    Does your office have enough meeting rooms and communal spaces?
    Does your current layout allow for company expansion?
    Are toilet and kitchen facilities located in the right places?

    Office Design

    Does your current design reflect your brand identity and values?
    Does your design promote a motivational environment?
    Is your design modern and up-to-date?
    Would it make a good first impression on clients or customers?
    Where could your branding be added to the design scheme?

    So, how does office fit out work?


    Getting to know you

    We will work alongside you to understand your goals, set a budget, and consult with you on how your new office can help deliver desired outcomes for your company.



    We will create detailed drawings of your office fit out including workspaces, breakout areas, layouts, doors, windows, and other basic structures.


    Design concepts

    Using our detailed drawings, we will work to strict specifications to create accurate 3D design concepts of how your new office will look upon completion.


    Furniture selection

    We can make recommendations and assist in acquiring the furniture that you desire for your new office. Whether this is workstations, chairs, tables and more!



    We will undertake the construction of all aspects of your refurbishment using the high standards of workmanship that we’re known for across the industry.



    We work to complete all projects on time and within budget. Furthermore, all our work is completed to exceptionally high standards for your 100% satisfaction.

    Interspace | office fit out | suspended ceilings | office refurbishment

    What are the benefits of office fit out in Mayfair?

    Increased efficiency

    Tailor-made office design is key to increased efficiency. Office fit outs aim to establish a layout and design that work for you and your business.

    Establish brand identity

    Office refurbishment allows you to create a recognisable and cohesive brand identity that is seen across your office environment.

    Motivated employees

    Proper partitioning, professionally installed kitchens, high-quality design and more contribute to happy and motivated employees.

    Great first impression

    A well-thought-out and expertly designed space will go a long way in making a great first impression on potential clients.

    Stress-free experience

    If you want to establish a new office design without the hassle of moving, office refurbishment in Mayfair is the solution for you.

    Why choose us?

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    Years of Industry Expertise

    As one of the leading office fit out companies in Mayfair, you can rest assured that your project is in safe hands.

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    Competitive Pricing

    Our office fit outs are competitively priced so that we can work to suit any budget.

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    Project Management

    We can take care of your project from conception to completion with our full project management service.

    If you’re looking for innovative, professional office refurbishment in Mayfair, get in touch with Interspace today!